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Board of Directors Note Spring 2017

Wow! What a successful CRC Grand Opening! I don’t know who was prouder, the community, the MRD staff, the MRF Board, the MRD Board or, our wonderful MRD Executive Director, Ken Sherbenou. We did it! It was estimated that there were 11,000 participant visits between the three days after the Grand Opening ceremony. There was plenty of excitement and exhilaration in the air. For the next few months, the staff and the Board will be refining schedules, signage and what works and what needs work in the CRC to make it even better for the community. Landscaping will be completed as well as other outdoor endeavors including the perimeter trail around the CRC.

Moving forward, what’s next?
Spring time is the awakening of other projects. Our terrific maintenance and repair staff will be switching gears to have MRD buildings and park grounds up to snu in time for the busy season of spring programs like youth soccer and adult softball. Our program coordinators will be scheduling participants in their leagues, meets and other events. The Montrose Recreation Foundation (MRF), on which I also serve, will continue raising funds for facility and program scholarships for youth who are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Scholarships for facility access is new! Thanks to effective fundraising by the MRF and a generous grant from the Anschutz Family Foundation, youth in need may now get a scholarship for a 20 punch pass! Community members are always invited to volunteer and support this important work.

The Holly Park renovation project will be moving forward. The four deteriorated old courts will be torn out to prepare the way for the extension of the softball field and the creation of additional multipurpose field space for growing programs such as lacrosse and soccer. Plans are in the making of what all will be included at the picnic location.

At the old Aquatic Center location, now known as the Field House, the six beautiful tennis courts are now more available for tennis. These were resurfaced in 2014. The CRC now offers 7 indoor Pickleball courts, as well as 6 dedicated outdoor courts with boundary lines already marked. Pickleball players are breathing a sigh of relief for not having to set up their boundary lines and nets up every time they play their favorite game (sometimes 1-2X a day!). Cindy Marino, MRD 50+ Activities Coordinator, is commended and must be relieved to be able to schedule the courts all in one location. Prior to the opening of the CRC, she patiently scheduled Pickleball play at many cooperating locations all over town.

Also at the Field House, the old defunct indoor pool will be filled in and turfed to provide an indoor field for pretty much any activity you can play on a field. We hope the high school can and will use before and during school at this great new facility for the community. The classrooms, Apex and Omni, will continue to be used, along with a third new room, the Summit room. These can be rented by contacting Coz Sisneros at coz@montroserec.com or 249.7705. See page 17 for rental information. The outdoor pool is still in good shape and will continue to serve the community for the next few years. It’ll be open this summer after the renovation is complete and it will be open through Labor Day. If you have not had an opportunity to see your new Community Rec Center, we welcome you M-F, 6:00- 9:00, Saturdays 8:00-8:00 and Sundays 12:00-6:00.

Kylee Smith, MRD Board Member

Note from Executive Director Ken Sherbenou

This Rec. Center is Your Rec. Center!

After more than three decades of discussion and debate, Montrose’s Community Rec. Center has become a reality.  The earliest document related to the Recreation Center that I found in the MRD files says ‘Montrose Community Center Committee’ at the top. It has several names that we still regularly see in the Montrose Daily Press today. It is dated 1979.

Although my time here has only been 6 years, I’ve learned that Montrose can be skeptical of public initiatives, especially those involving precious tax dollars. What this has translated to for me is that the community has high expectations.  There is no rubber stamping here or blind support of feel good community things like Rec. Centers. Public agencies need to be eefficient, effective and innovative. Plans presented need to be strong,  fiscally sound and followed by accountability when they are built. We have also learned tremendously from other agencies. For example, the Library was built without financing and tax dollars did not go towards interest.

The school bond that passed many years back was leveraged tremendously to build a lot more than was initially promised. We hope for similar success. I realize that skepticism was very strong with the Community Rec. Center project. It took over three decades of effort to craft a plan that was acceptable. Many still harbor negative feelings about the project; some have said they have no use for the facility and their blood pressure rises when driving by it on Woodgate Road. If this describes you, I am sorry for your frustration. However, I want you to know that your skepticism forced the CRC plan to be as strong as possible. It helped the project be a success.

After many years of hard work by so many, it is here. Your new CRC is located at 16350 Woodgate, behind Walmart. Please come visit your Rec. Center. Many want to know about the plans for the old Aquatic Center by the high school. Our construction crews are currently renovating the current facility into an indoor turf Field House to be used for any sport you can play on a field; see below for more information.Our facilities are all about maximizing use and service for our community. Towards that end,for CRC annual passes,, Youth and Senior (55+) residents pay $17/month. Adult residents pay $30/ month. Complete CRC info. is available at on pages 7-18 of the activity guide and at www.montroserec.com or by calling 249.7705.

Please come check out your Rec. Center. It belongs to you and the whole community.