Recreational Swim Team (3rd Year)

Back by popular demand, MRD is having the recreational swim team. This is an opportunity for your child to learn team dynamics, challenge them- selves physically, and have fun. This is for individuals who have passed Level 4 swim lessons, or can swim a minimum of 75 yards of front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke, or a combination. Participants will develop confidence in strokes such as the front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly. The basics of turning at the wall, as well as using the starting blocks will be included. Endurance will be a primary focus as participants prepare for a meet at the end of the summer

Recreational Swim Team



  • Days:  Tuesday and Thursday
  • Dates:  10/13 - 11/12  
  • Time: 11:45 am  - 12:45 pm

50 Mile Club

A club designed for individuals who like to challenge themselves. Participants track their lap swimming and receive special recognition for meeting the 50, 100, and 200 mile mark. Call the Rec. Center at 970-249-7705 for more information.

Marlin Swim Team

Do you want to experience that competitive element? The Marlin Swim Club offers all ages the chance to compete. Montrose Marlins is a private swim club operated by community volunteer parents and coaches. It is not a program that is administered by the Montrose Recreation District Aquatic Center. For more information visit the Marlins website.

Masters Swimming

This program is geared towards adults 19 years and older who wish to continue quality swim workouts with the possibility to compete in swim meets with people their own age. For more information call Kathy Devor at 970-249-2541.
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Time: 6:00 - 7:00 a.m.