50+ Activities

Little Bighorn, Contested Ground - The Backstory 1 PM

Manifest Destiny, broken treaties, a series of inter-tribal conflicts, and the ongoing fight for natural resources culminated in this battle between the U.S. Calvary and seven Indian groups. George Armstrong Custer and his troops were overwhelmed and all perished.

 Date: Monday, January 23
 Presenter: Kate Burke

South West Coast Path 1 PM

Th e South West Coast Path is England’s longest National Trail, and one of its most spectacular. Diane walked more than 250 of its 630 rugged coastal miles in Cornwall last spring and shares her extraordinary experience with photos, maps, and anecdotes.

Date: Monday, February 13
Presenter: Diane Winger, Author

Chocolate - the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly About America's Favorite Treat 1 PM

Food for the gods, gift of governments and sweethearts, chocolate has been used for sacrifice, seduction, reverence, and political persuasion for over 20,000 years.

Date: TUESDAY, February 14
Presenter: Kate Burke

Utah's Colorful Parks and Monuments 1 PM

Learn about the history and geology of some of the west’s most spectacular parks and the best time to visit.

Date: Monday, March 13
Presenter: Kate Burke

No Individual Heroes: Ouray Mountain Rescue Team 1 PM

Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate people are drawn to serve on OMRT. With enviable and superbly orchestrated teamwork, they assist terrified people in deadly situations while crafting memorable solutions to logistical and technical problems. Hear their stories.

Date: Monday, March 20
Presenter: Karen Risch, Author and 14 year veteran of OMRT

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