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We Are All Beekeepers - How you can help save the Bees!

Honey bees and other natural pollinators are declining. Learn which plants bees love, how to make a bee feeder, and how you can help without having a beehive in your yard.

  • Presenter: Chris & Gwen Williams – 35 year commercial beekeepers and owners of San Juan Bee Company in Delta.
  • Date: Monday, June 21 @ 1:00 pm

Rich History and Community Stories from the Magic Circle Theater

The Magic Circle Theater is in its 61st year in Montrose! Be delighted by this heartwarming rich Montrose legacy. The Magic Circle Players are performing ‘MASH” in June.

  • Travel Guide: Lisa Rediger (and Cast)
  • Date: Wednesday, June 30 @ 1:00 pm

Montrose Police Department Update

We will get an update on the construction of the new police department building and an update on law enforcement operations in Montrose.

  • Presenter: Commander Cox
  • Date: Tuesday, July 6

The History of Railroads in Colorado's National Conservation Areas (NCA's)

Colorado’s NCA’s hold numerous scientific and scenic treasures. Rob will explore both the historic role of railroads through what are now NCA’s and how the railroads still continue to be important to the character of these areas. 

  • Presenter: Rob Gay, Colorado Canyons Association
  • Date: Monday, July 19

Land Conservation in Western Colorado: Economic Vitality and Quality of Life

Colorado West Land Trust works to conserve areas that are strategic for agriculture, wildlife, and outdoor recreation. Learn about land conservation throughout the region and the positive impact.

  • Presenter: Colorado West Land Trust Staff
  • Date: Tuesday, August 3 @ 1:00 pm

History of the Narrow Gauge Railway System from 1882 to Now

Slideshow on how the narrow gauge railway system was built, what areas they serviced and what they brought to the communities on the Western Slope. 

  • Presenter: Karl Schaeffer, Railroad Museum
  • Date: Monday, August 9 @ 1:00 pm

Ageism....For All Ages

Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age and it is pervasive! Learn about the “On the same pAge” campaign and how we can end ageism.

  • Presenter: Cathy Trujillo
  • Date: Monday, August 16 @ 1:00 pm