Tracie Rief

Recreation District Staff
Title: Customer Service Specialist
Phone: (970) 497-8576

Tracie was born number 5 in a family of 6 children, she was raised on a large farm near a small rural community of Stromsburg, the Swedish Capital of Nebraska, which is her nationality. Being raised on a large farm, there was plenty of work with pigs, chickens and 700+ of irrigated row crops, she spent her summers moving gated pipe for irrigating every morning and days on the tractor. After graduation she moved to West Point, she was married and gave birth to one son, Dustin and 2 daughters, Heather and Brittany. They are all now married,and settled in Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa, her children blessed her with 5 Grandsons and 2 Granddaughters. In 2005 she moved to Montrose, beginning part time at Montrose Recreation District in 2006 and soon moved into full time. She truly loves working for MRD and feels so lucky to see the dream of a full rec center happen!  She enjoys hiking, landscaping, sewing, painting and this area that allows for wonderful opportunities -like a vacation in your backyard.

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